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Urology Service at Deepasri Hospital

Are you looking for the top urology hospital in JP Nagar, Bangalore? Our team of over urologists has decades of experience and extensive training in urology specialties from reputed institutes across globe. So, you can trust our experts and lead to quick recovery!

The urology department at Deepasri Hospital aims to provide specialized treatment for various urological conditions. Our experienced urologists are well-versed in handling illnesses related to kidneys, urinary tract and male reproductive organs. We offer comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients through minimally invasive procedures. Our goal is to effectively treat problems and help patients to regain normal urinary and sexual functions. We understand that urological issues can affect the quality of life greatly. Our team explains each condition elaborately and clears all doubts of patients. A wide spectrum of services from cystoscopy to cancer surgeries are available under one roof of this urology hospital in Bangalore.

Services and Treatments

Explore the range of urology service we can help you with:

General Urology

We examine issues like urinary tract infection, painful urination, renal stone diseases. Latest investigations help our urologist specialist in JP Nagar, Bangalore to diagnose accurately.

Renal Transplant & Dialysis

For patients with kidney failure conditions, we provide long term dialysis at our state of art unit. Live donor & deceased donor kidney transplant surgeries conducted by experienced surgeons with best outcomes.


Cancers affecting prostate, kidney, bladder or penis are managed aggressively. Minimally invasive surgeries along with radiation and chemotherapy yield high cure rates. Robust follow up program ensures well being.


Full spectrum of treatment is offered for issues in reproductive organs of men. Advanced procedures treat problems like erectile dysfunction and infertility effectively.


Why choose Deepasri hospitals?

As one of the best urology hospital in JP Nagar, Bangalore, we have invested in latest infrastructure to handle complicated urological surgeries. Our dedicated bed urosuite includes ultra modern OTs with advanced equipment like flexible endoscopy, laparoscopy towers and robotic surgery setup. Robot-assisted urological surgeries are performed with great precision reducing recovery time. Experienced team of urologists have received national and global training to specialize in various streams.

The urology ward and ICU offers specialized care during recovery. Regular monitoring and therapies promote speedy healing. Our nurses are specially trained by urology specialists to handle post op care with utmost care and empathy. Advanced lab and imaging facilities help our urologist in Bangalore in precise diagnosis and effective treatment planning. 24X7 emergency response handles acute issues promptly round the clock.

Cancer patients receive multimodal onco-therapies at our cancer center associated with globally ranked oncology research institutes. Multi-disciplinary tumor boards involving oncologists, pathologists and radiologists ensure appropriate guidelines based treatment plans. Support groups and counsellors improve psychological, nutritional and pain management needs. Thus, as a patient you can rely on Deepasri hospital for world-class urological treatments.



Dr. Nagabhushan

Consultant Urologist

Dr. Raju

Consultant Urologist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What precautions are required after urological surgeries?

A: Spend initial days resting, avoid heavy exercise, have balanced diet and keep incision clean and dry.

Q: How to prepare for ureteroscopy or cystoscopy procedures?

A: Stop eating 6 hours before and take antibiotic dose as instructed by urologist. No need to take any bowel preparation.

Q: Can kidney stones be treated without surgery?

A: Sometimes kidney stones may pass out with medication, hydration, shock waves or laser treatment depending on size and location.

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