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At Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital, we share the common dream of giving you the compassionate healthcare that you deserve. Our specialized services have been designed to deliver the care that is best suited to your needs.

Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital is clean, efficient, customer centric, affordable and accessible. The innovative design of the hospital, from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused on creating positive experience for patients. We believe in making your concern, ours. Our 24 X 7 human, medical, and infrastructural services ensure your constant comfort and quick recovery. Success for us is the smile on our patients’ faces as they leave our hospital.

Meet My Doctor
Murthy G R
Hospital MD (Managing Director)
Meet My Doctor
Dr. Moin Hassan
Chief Executive Officer


Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital: Pioneering Compassionate Healthcare
Excellence with Innovation and Patient-Centric Focus

Patient Centric Admission

Streamlined admission process ensuring a warm welcome and efficient paperwork.

Cutting Edge Treatment

Implementation of advanced medical technologies for
accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Post-Treatment Support

Regular follow-ups and communication to track patient progress and address any concerns.
Meet My Doctor


At the forefront of compassionate healthcare excellence, Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital leads with innovation and a steadfast commitment to a patient-centric approach.

Elevating Healthcare, Enriching Lives

At Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital, our mission is to deliver exceptional health- care through compassionate, tailored services and innovative technology in an affordable, accessible environment.

With a customer-centric approach focusing on cleanliness, efficiency, and continual comfort, our 24/7 services aim to expedite recoveries. Success is measured in the radiant smiles of satisfied patients, confident in the exceptional care they received.

Meet My Doctor


Pioneering compassionate healthcare at its best, Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital takes the lead by incorporating innovation and unwavering dedication to a patient-centered philosophy

We are Trusted by over 25000+ of patient

At Deepasri Multispecialities Hospital, we prioritize your well-being beyond medical care, embodying values such as compassionate healthcare, specialized services, cleanliness, efficiency, customer-centricity, affordability, and accessibility

Ensuring a personalized healthcare experience in a safe, hygienic environment, we leverage innovative design and technology. With 24/7 support services, our commitment extends to your continual comfort and swift recovery. Success is epitomized by genuine smiles of satisfaction on our patients faces, reflecting the paramount value we place on their health.