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Facing skin issues? Looking for best dermatologist in Bangalore? Deepasri Hospital can help you with the best resources and facilities. We have years of expertise in dealing with diverse skin conditions. So, let us help you look and feel good about yourself in every which way.

Skin and cosmetology plays an important role in enhancing self-esteem and confidence. At Deepasri Hospitals, our team of best dermatologist in Bangalore work towards improved skin health and grooming through medical as well as cosmetic procedures. Whether you want to treat acne, psoriasis, hair fall or pigmentation issues or looking for anti-aging treatments, our skin doctor in Bangalore have solutions tailored to your needs.

Services and Treatments

We have all the bases covered to help you with the best skin-cosmetology service.

Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting people of all ages. Our skin care specialist in Bangalore offer various treatment options like medications, chemical peels, laser treatments and procedural methods to get rid of acne permanently. We use custom combinations of medications, peels and therapies basis the type and severity of acne.

Pigmentation and Age Spots

Uneven pigmentation and dark spots on the skin can dent one’s confidence. We help reduce pigmentation using procedures like medical-grade peels, laser treatments and intensive therapies. Our experienced dermatologists carefully design multiphase treatment plans to clear spots and restore an even skin tone.

Hair Fall Treatment

Both men and women suffer from excessive hair fall due excessive stress, hormonal changes or medical conditions. Our trichologists assess the root cause and recommend tailored therapies including medications, PRP, mesotherapy or hair transplants basis your requirements. Regular follow-ups ensure long-lasting results.

Anti-Aging Treatments

With increasing age, one may experience signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles, loss of firmness. We offer various non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments like Botox, fillers, facial peels, chemical exfoliation and photo rejuvenation help reduce wrinkles and give you a younger looking skin.

Psoriasis and Eczema Treatment

Our skin disease specialists efficiently treat chronic conditions like psoriasis and eczema that cause inflammation and irritation using targetted phototherapy or photophoresis, topical ointments or oral medications based on the type and severity of the condition. Regular management helps control flare-ups.


Why Choose Deepasri Hospitals

  • Experienced team of skin doctor near me with global exposure to handle complex cases.
  • State of art infrastructure and latest technology like lasers, mesotherapy machines and pharmacies at Skin care centre in Bangalore
  • Individualized treatment plans for best results.
  • Affordable packages and financing options.
  • Lifetime management for chronic cases with continuous support.


Dr. Abhineetha Hosthota

Consultant Dermatology & Cosmetology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does a skin treatment cost?

A: The cost depends on the type of condition, its severity and the treatment plan designed. Our team provides free consultations to understand your needs and provides transparent pricing for procedures.

Q: What is the success rate of acne treatments?

A: With our customized multiphase treatments including oral/topical medicines and procedures, over 90% of patients see complete clearance of acne within 3-6 months with long-term management.

Q: Can hair fall be permanently treated?

A: With continued medical and lifestyle management over 6-12 months, over 80% of cases see significant reduction in hair fall. In severe scarring alopecias, hair transplant further enhances coverage and appears completely natural.

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