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Ophthalmology service At Deepasri Hospital

Looking for the best eye hospital in Bangalore? Deepasri Hospital has been one of the top names in the business when it comes to providing all types of eye care treatments. Our team of eye specialists in Bangalore includes glaucoma experts, cornea consultants, oculoplastics surgeons and pediatric ophthalmologists guiding each case. Consult now!


The eye care department at Deepasri Hospital – the best eye hospital in Bangalore – provides advanced treatment for ocular disorders by highly qualified eye specialists in Bangalore. Our aim is to comprehensively address vision problems and restore clear eyesight through medical, surgical and laser based procedures. A team of experts is equipped to diagnose and manage all eye conditions effectively from cornea issues to retinal ailments. So, you can always trust us whenever you are looking for the best eye hospital in Bangalore for your diagnosis and treatment needs.

Services and Treatments

Explore the range of eye treatments provided by our eye specialist in Bangalore:


Phacoemulsification surgery by our expert surgeons aids in removing cloudy lenses and implanting artificial intraocular lenses for restored clarity.


Both medication and laser/incisional surgeries help lower eye pressure and prevent further optic nerve damage for this leading cause of blindness.

Refractive errors

State-of-the-art LASIK and LASEK uses excimer laser to reshape the cornea and eliminate dependence on glasses or lenses.

Retinal disorders

From diabetes-related retina issues to detachments, we conduct VR vitrectomy and other micro-incision techniques to repair the retinal layer.

Eye problems in children

Pediatric ophthalmologists carefully examine and appropriately treat conditions like amblyopia, squint, infections during development.


Entropion and ectropion corrections, ptosis repair, orbital floor fracture fixation are cosmetic procedures smoothing eyelids and orbits.

Why choose Deepasri Hospitals?

As a renowned eye care chain, Deepasri Hospital houses Bangalore’s top eye specialists well-equipped to handle the most complex cases. Some strengths include:

  • Latest Technology – Our lens surgery laser, retinal angiography and B-scan ultrasound offer diagnostic aid and therapeutic precision.
  • Experience – Our vitreoretinal surgeons have extensive experience in complex retinal procedures like macular holes, tears and detachments.
  • High Hygiene Standards – Strict protocols ensure an infection-free, sterilized patient care environment in the eye hospital in Bangalore.
  • Personalized Care – Patients receive individual attention from eye specialists in Bangalore on modern amenities like phaco machines.
  • Value-Added Services – In-house optometry, low vision aid and subspecialty clinics provide comprehensive ‘eye’ care under one roof.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What vision tests are conducted?

A: Complete eye examination includes visual acuity, refraction, tonometry, fundus imaging and other specialized tests.

Q: Are lasik procedures safe?

A: When performed by experienced surgeons using approved lasers, lasik procedures have negligible side effects and complications.

Q: Is cataract surgery painful?

A:Most patients feel only mild discomfort during phaco surgery since local anesthesia is used. Complete vision is restored quickly in majority.

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With well-lit OTs, eye casualty rooms and premium post-op recovery facilities, Deepasri Hospital ranks among the top eye care infrastructure in Bangalore. So, if you are looking for the top eye specialist in Bangalore, book your consultation with us now!