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Diabetology With Deepasri Hospital

If you are looking for the top diabetes centre in JP Nagar, Bangalore, then we at Deepasri Hospital are here to help! Our team of specialists is highly qualified with global training and certifications from eminent diabetes bodies. So, you can trust us to assist you recover with innovative treatments, technologies and research.

Diabetes affects millions worldwide causing life-threatening complications if not managed well. At Deepasri Hospitals, our diabetes centre in JP Nagar, Bangalore aims to help patients understand this condition and empower them to keep sugar levels balanced. Led by a team of best doctors for diabetes in JP Nagar, Bangalore with years of global experience, we offer dedicated diabetology care through customized routine management, emergent care, education and research. Our holistic approach focuses on preventing complications and improving overall wellness.

Services and Treatments

Explore the range of treatments we can assist you with to get over the issues.

Routine Check-Ups and Care: We conduct regular health evaluations, nutrition counselling, medication/insulin dose adjustments and monitor liver/kidney function, eyes, nerves etc. Tele-consultations and home visits ensure continuity.

Diagnosis and Screening: Our specialists conduct rapid tests and analyze reports to diagnose pre-diabetes and diabetes accurately. Screening camps help detect high-risk cases.

Advanced Management:We offer insulin pump therapy, advanced diabetic diets, bariatric management for PCOD, GDM and obesity-led diabetes using latest protocols.

Foot Care Clinic:Podiatrists conduct comprehensive foot exams, provide custom-fit shoes and vigilantly monitor feet of long-term diabetes patients at our clinic to prevent ulcers and amputations.

Education and Counselling:Our certified educators and dieticians conduct lifestyle workshops helping patients and caretakers understand modern treatment practices and self-care techniques to thrive with diabetes.

Why Choose Deepasri Hospitals

We have the best resources and facilities in place to make your experience better. Deepasri Hospital ensures you get to the recovery path quicker.

  • Experienced team of diabetes specialists with global clinical and research experience.
  • One-stop comprehensive services including dedicated clinics, diagnostics, pharmacy and emergency departments under single roof at our diabetes hospital in Bangalore.
  • Holistic individualized care focused on prevention of complications, nutritional healing and wellness through various programs.
  • Affordable packages with financing tie-ups and global accreditations ensuring highest standards of safety and outcomes.
  • Support groups and regular follow-ups for lifetime management empowering clients to actively self-manage diabetes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does a diabetes checkup take?

A: A short routine checkup takes about 30 minutes while a comprehensive evaluation may take 60-90 minutes including detailed history, tests and counseling with our endocrinologists.

Q: What is the cost of insulin therapy?

A:Insulin cost depends on the type, dosage and regularity of injections. Our doctors provide the most affordable options based on individual needs. Several insurance plans also support therapy costs.

Q: Can diabetes be cured?

A: While diabetes currently has no permanent cure, it can be efficiently managed lifelong through disciplined lifestyle modifications like dietary changes, exercise and medical supervision at our diabetes hospital in Bangalore to control sugar levels and prevent complications.

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